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R <3 Redis, from an insurance analytics perspective

Intro to Redis with examples in logging and ML deployment

In Search of Yield in Imaginary Internet Money

Intro to the Bitcoin cash-and-carry trade

SynthETIC: A Simulator of Synthetic Experience Tracking Insurance Claims

Simulation of individual claims (and payments) that mirror the user's actual, complex claim experience.

Synthesizing Realistic Data for R&D

Fake it till you make it -- from fancy wines to insurance datasets.

Cellar: Open Datasets in Insurance

Improving discoverability and access of publicly available datasets.

Towards Explainability of Machine Learning Models in Insurance Pricing

Peeking into the black box -- an actuarial perspective.

simulationmachine: Synthesizing Individual Claims Data

Generate claims data for loss reserving research and backtesting.

Introducing Kasa AI

Accelerating innovation in insurance analytics through open collaboration.

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